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Isn't this your job to take control when someone steps out of their place?

' Someone says Coach Juan has been made aware of the situation and will be addressing it at the meeting that night, but Christi boldly reminds them that her attendance depends on the snack situation.

A woman who was accidentally included in a group text message with a bunch of soccer moms couldn't resist stirring the pot by claiming her fictional son is 'the best on the team' — sparking a hilarious argument.

When Christi Rantis Lally from South Elgin, Illinois, found herself in the group chat, she opted to have a little fun with the parents.

'Yeah but is everyone invited to David Beckham's home for Christmas? At this point, other members of the group chat are starting to really get riled, with one person saying: 'OK I don't know wtf is going on here but I'm getting p****d off.'Other people point out that their is a meeting later where they can discuss these comments, prompting Christi to feign innocence. 'You think your child is sooooo good then sign him up for club, and also if you think the snacks have been sucking lately, please bring your own damn snacks for your child.'The person added: 'Not only are you selfish but you also are ungrateful.

Also Coach I don't see what you're not taking action with this situation.

Christi asks the person to 'name one', but the stranger argues that she can't because she doesn't know the name of her child.

'You can't say someone is superior if you don't know who my child is.

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The person's response earns a few emoji from some of the other parents, but Christi has the perfect answer.

'I think when he's older he will realize what a great influence his talent was on the other kids.

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