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Class and economic power play a part here," he says.

The situation for LGBTI people in northern Nigeria is more difficult than for those living in the south, with at least 114 gay men and women having been arrested since January this year."What we've seen are people arming themselves with these laws and arresting people indiscriminately," LGBT and women's rights activist Dorothy Aken`Ova says."Any time the Hisbah (religious police) catch wind of any gathering they'll bust up the party and arrest and torture them."In August, she says, a 17-year-old schoolboy was allegedly beaten to death by some of his classmates in Jigawa state because they suspected he was gay."The [classmates] were taken to police custody but in their statements they said they did it to correct [the student who died] from the social vice because he was suspected to be gay."Back in Lagos, Mr Kass says gangs used social media to catch unsuspecting gay men out to either beat them up or exhort money from them."What people do is ping you or you get chatting and then you talk about hooking up," he says.

He spent a night in lock up where he says he was "beaten with a stick, hammer and plywood"."There was a hall in the police station premises and they gathered us and stripped us and said we should sleep on the floor."About 70 people were arrested that night, but according to Akin about 30 men were able to pay between and for police to let them out.

Bisi Alimi was the first gay man in Nigeria to come out on national television, later seeking asylum in England.

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They were charged with engaging in "gay activities" by allowing other men "to have carnal knowledge of themselves against the order of nature".

Since his arrest, Femi has been kicked out of home and now shuttles between friends' lounges and lovers' beds.

He kept the relationship a secret until his father accused him of being "gay and acting girly".

In a country like Nigeria where 91 per cent of people believe homosexuality should be criminalised, his confession only led to more frequent and ferocious beatings from his father."Any mistake and he would hit me.

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He has lost his job as a cleaner, left his studies at university and had sex for money to help pay for a ticket to Ghana where he hopes he can slip into obscurity.

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