The talisman group dating

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The talisman group dating

what they want is life and when the Pale Man gets his hands on life, he converts it to death (the pile of children's shoes - the lost generation of Spanish liberals' children sent to the Soviet Union).

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But I've been drawing it since I was a small kid." An illustrated short novel about a woman who notices a strange mark on her hand as she is traveling through Morocco.

but Thornton's statement equating the eye-in-hand icon with Hunab-ku raises the skeptic hackles in me.

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his eyes placed into his hands = direct eye-hand physical-action connection.

for most of us, the mind is our primary organ that obtains, processes and interprets information for possible future action. the brain processes it, then decides if the hands should act.

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my take on the meaning of the Pale Man's eyes in hands: a whole live, breathing man sits there unmoving with his eyeballs on a plate (shades of Saint Lucy).

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