Yummy mummies dating

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Yummy mummies dating

Our 4D Bonding experience offers you the chance to meet your baby before it's born, and unlike your NHS appointment, your children, family and friends are welcome to share your experience.

With first class customer service, state of the art ultrasound equipment as used in large hospitals worldwide and experienced fully trained sonographers with a clinical background, we can show you your babies button nose and wriggly fingers before they even arrive.

We don’t hide any extras but if you want to purchase a DVD or CD we do still sell these too. These are available in Blue, Pink and Brown and are £24.99 each.

We record your babies heart during your scan and put this into the bear, giving you a amazing keep sake which will sooth your baby when they arrive.

Our keepsake bears are available in pink, blue or brown and include a 30 second recording of your baby's heartbeat in an electronic module, as well as a unique scent chip that will leave your bear smelling lovely for up to 7 years. That said, we know our customers love to take home extras to remember their experience and so we do have these available.

Simply let us know after your scan and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

The procedure itself is carried out by a fully trained an qualified professional ultrasonographer at our scan centre in Widnes (in Cheshire), who is a member of a professional body.

Using the latest technology, and although we can't guarantee the position of your baby on the day, our sonographers will do their best to get some great photos in 2D, 3D and full HD i Live for you to take away and look back at in years to come.

Whilst we have an extensive range of extras available, and they're very reasonably priced, you are under no obligation to buy any of these, and you won't find our staff pushing you to buy anything extra. Scan early in pregnancy to measure baby and provide a more accurateestimated due date.We understand that every pregnancy is very special and exciting, whether it's your first or your fourth.Those 9 months waiting to see your baby can feel so long whilst you're not feeling your best, and you're regularly feeling your little bundle moving around inside your tummy reminding you every minute that they're on their way.See your baby moving in 2D, 3D, 4D and HD i Live at no extra charge, whether they're waving, blowing raspberries or sucking their thumb. Early Gender confirmation from 16 weeks and 3D/4D from 21 weeks.We also provide HD scanning as standard for all of our scans.

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